Afterpay presents:
The Keys To NYFW

An NFT collection in partnership with top designers that unlocks access to coveted experiences and hyper limited drops.

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ALTU is a genderful brand by Joseph Altuzarra, challenging traditional notions of dress through the lens of adolescent curiosity and uninhibited gender expression.

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anOnlyChild infuses designer Maxwell Osborne’s Jamaican heritage into each piece. Using fabric scraps from Garment District sample room floors, the brand has sustainability at its core. 

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Jonathan Simkhai

Playing with the tension between feminine strength & sensuality, gender ambiguity is central to this eponymous fashion label’s brand. 

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Kim Shui

Kim aims to unite women through clothing, celebrating our cultures & differences with her vibrant, going out aesthetic. 

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The Blonds

Born from the NYC nightlife scene, The Blonds create glamorously over the top collections with a rebellious twist. 

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What are the Keys to NYFW NFT?

The Keys to NYFW is a collection of limited-edition digital collectibles created in collaboration with leading designers. Each NFT unlocks a access to a unique NYFW experience or a limited edition item.

How do I purchase my Key to NYFW?

Step One: Head to the Designer or Afterpay Key product page, and select the specific utility you wish to purchase (either IRL NYFW EXPERIENCE or DESIGNER KEEPSAKE). Click ‘Purchase NFT’.

Step Two: You will be taken to a checkout page where you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet. If you have a digital/crypto wallet, select from the options available. If you don’t have one yet, no worries: select the ‘Create a wallet for me’ option. You’ll be prompted to input your email address. Do this, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and you’ll be good to go!

Step Three: Select the quantity of NFTs you wish to buy. You’ll be limited to a max. of 2 NFTs per specific Designer Utility.

Step Four: Select your payment method from the available options: Pay with card; Pay with Afterpay; or Pay with ETH on Ethereum. We recommend you pay with either card or Afterpay - it’s easiest! Input your payment details.

Step Five: Tick the checkbox to accept terms of service, click Pay Now, and complete your purchase! Congrats, you’re the proud owner of a Key to NYFW NFT! You’ll receive a purchase confirmation email from KeysToNYFW.

Step Six: You will need to claim your utilities immediately after purchase. Hit the redirect link in your purchase confirmation email, or on the purchase confirmation page to head to the claim form. For more details, head to our ‘How do I claim my utility?’ FAQ.

Why is Afterpay doing this?

Inspired by decentralization and access, this NYFW Afterpay is putting the power back into the hands of the fashion community - from unlocking unprecedented access to designers with the Keys to NYFW, to letting fans contribute to the first ever crowd-sourced garment with Kim Shui.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It cannot be replaced or interchanged due to its unique properties. In the simplest terms, they are digital assets (e.g. collectibles, art, music, games, images, videos or audio files) with an inbuilt certificate of authenticity, guaranteed by the blockchain. The Blockchain is the underlying tech that makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible. Your NFTs will live on a blockchain, and they are as such verifiably unique!

What is a digital/crypto wallet?

A blockchain wallet is a digital storage that enables you to store and transact with cryptocurrency. In its simplest form, a wallet comprises a public and private key, which are cryptographically generated. Metamask is an example of a popular crypto wallet, as is Paper. Remember to never share your digital wallet details with anyone. This info is for your eyes only!

What is a Paper wallet & how do I get one?

Simple. A Paper wallet is just a digital wallet that allows you to purchase and store your NFTs in the easiest, most user friendly way possible. Whereas Metamask can take a little getting used to, with Paper, you simply need to sign in with your email address, and the wallet is created for you, there and then. If you want to sign in to your Paper wallet again, you just visit & enter the email address you signed up with!

What’s a utility?

Each Key to NYFW NFT comes with a unique “utility” that grants the owner rewards, rights or privileges. Depending on the NFT purchased, it may unlock digital utility, a keepsake item, or access to an in real life (IRL) experience.

What do I receive as a utility if I buy a Keys to NYFW NFT?

Each designer key comes with either an IRL NYFW Experience or a Designer Keepsake. You get to choose which utility you purchase. Specific details on the utilities are provided on the product page of each individual Designer. The Afterpay Key comes with digital utilities.

How do I claim my utility?

After you purchase your Key to NYFW NFT you’ll receive a purchase confirmation email from KeysToNYFW with a link to claim your utility. Follow this, and you’ll be able to provide all your contact details to arrange the IRL NYFW Experience or to provide your shipping address for the Designer Keepsake. You’ll also be able to access this link from the purchase confirmation success page. You may receive additional communication via email that require an RSVP or next steps from NYFW or Designer teams to finalize and confirm your utility.

I bought on a secondary marketplace, can I claim a utility?

No. Utility is only available to first time purchasers (those who minted the NFT). Utilities are NOT available or claimable for those who purchase on any secondary market.

How many Keys to NYFW NFT can I buy?

You will be able to buy 2 of each NFT. For example, you could buy 2 x The Blonds IRL Experience NFTs, and 2 x The Blonds Designer Keepsake NFT. You could then buy 2 x Kim Shui Designer Keepsake NFTs. In short: a max of 2 of each specific NFT per wallet.

Where are the proceeds from sales going?

All proceeds from primary sales of the Keys to NYFW NFTs will be going to Free Arts NYC, a charity that empowers youth from underserved communities through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed. Learn more about what they do here.

What is the environmental impact of my purchase?

We are using the Polygon blockchain, a global & sustainable Web3 infrastructure built on Ethereum. Polygon is carbon neutral, and going carbon-negative in 2022. The carbon impact of claiming this NFT is the equivalent of sending around 2.5 emails!

Can I use Afterpay to purchase my NFT?

Yes. Afterpay is one of the purchase options available to you on checkout.

What if I don’t have a digital/crypto wallet?

Don’t worry! You can create one using your email address during the checkout process. It’s as simple as that!